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Monsta X & Monbebe Together! How did I end up being a Monbebe XD ?

~Hi everybody~

Ya know what...these days I'm stuck with specifically one kpop idol group...I'm a multi-fandom girl but these guys really make me focus on them.. don't ask me why cuz there are a ton of reasons why. lmao

One day, my sister played their music in her room when I was hanging out with her. I was like, whose song is this, oooh catchy beat, love it *really, I meant it, because usually 'brave sound' songs were the one that was really catchy to me*... I don't even know the group lol.. I even memorize a little bit of the lyrics.. *So beautiful~~ so beautiful~~* yes... it was 'Beautiful' song that attracted me until now T_T 

I started to request my sister to replay the song. She told that it was Monsta X and she even showed me their live performances. AND That's when I became a Monbebe(Monsta X official fanclub)!

I thought they were really cool~
  • The opening music/sound was fantastic for me hahaha
  • The choreography... *speechless* daebak . the fanchant too... our Monbebe jjang!
  • Minhyuk's hairstyle and facial expression was on point though
  • Shownu appa dance part was perfectly on beat *I'm a girl who is really interested in kpop dance :P *
  • And I also thought Jooheon was really the icon of Monsta X because of his hip hop feels and swag performances on stage
  • Wonho doesn't seem like an ulzzang because of his abs, I thought XD *my sister was an ulzzang fan so she told me wonho was an ulzzang back then*

*Those were my first impression and my first bias was I.M.( really... I.M.'s husky voice & wave dance on his rap part really stands out to me that time)*

So I moved on to their 'Beautiful' MV (Music Video)...

  • At that time, I thought Shownu was a little bit look alike Ji Soo (actor in Scarlet Heart & Buk Joo) *maybe because of the camera angle XD
  • Minhyuk was so good looking in there *who's that* O.O
  • Hyungwoon's acting really portrayed the 'longing for the rose(love)' feeling *he got a little look of Kim Ji Han / Jin Yi Han from certain angle in the mv?
  • Also, Kihyun looks perfect and emotional too
  • Their dancing was so synchronized and unique

*That was the start of the Monbebe spirit in me lol
Yea that was kinda how I ended up being a Monbebe. I hope other Monbebes would welcome and look after newbies like me and others. I have to stop now guys. 

Until next time!!!, bye bye~*

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Watch My first Monsta X live performance : [MONSTA X - BEAUTIFUL] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170323 EP.516

Note :-
  1. Before I started this post, I thought I would have no idea to write anything but now I have to stop my hand from typing because I have too much things in my mind right now. XD
  2. Moral : You guys have to START doing, then just go with the flow hahaha *what's this*
  3. All of these words are based on what goes in my mind at that time, I think 2 months ago when I first saw them. I still remember clearly <3 I felt a lot of regret too as I didn't get to support them on the week of their 'Beautiful' comeback. T_T  That was the best comeback ever *Ya know how they involved in the choreography and lyrics* 
  4. Currently, my bias list were wrecked by Lee Minhyuk. Yasss, that noisy and hyperactive kid as Hyorin (Sistar) said. He was super funnnnnyyy *im crying* I have watched all of their variety shows rofl

Bonus (that noisy kid)
*no, he's not this serious type of person lol*
our Minhyukie
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