Friday, 1 December 2017

Favourite Kpop Songs!

My 10 favourite kpop songs at the moment~ <3
Highly recommended :') Watch their mvs right now in the links.
  1. Sunmi - Gashina ( )
  2. Red Velvet - Peek A Boo )
  3. MONSTA X - Beautiful )
  4. EXID - DDD )
  5. MONSTA X - Dramarama )
  6. MONSTA X - From Zero (live version )
  7. BLACKPINK - As If It Were Your Last )
  8. BTS - DNA )
  9. TWICE - Likey )
  10. Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me )

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Coolblog Time!

Hi guys! 

I shot it myself (It's on Instagram too : 하 니)

Today I got myself and my sister a 'cool' & 'hot' beverage for us to indulge ~
I have a chocolate hot blog for the first time ever.

 ( I would always order the ice blended one every single time, yes my sisters and I are hardcore Coolblog fans XD , I could not count how many times I drink those *yummy* :P )

The hot blog was somehow satisfying for me as I was craving for a hot choco drink time for myself. ^_^

It was worth trying it!


Monday, 14 August 2017

Minhyuk Monsta X ~

I wanna share some picture of Lee Minhyuk of Monsta X that I found on google search XD


I like him the most because he is...
funny XD 
cute \\^^\\
witty lol
handsome of course :P

(Try & watch their variety shows lol
Their most recent show was Monsta X-Ray 2 (You guys can watch it on Vlive App with Eng Sub!Yes!)
-Vlive is really useful for international fans- T_T)

His pictures taken by fans and medias were all so beautiful~
He is known by always dying his hair. He really rocks every hair colour XD

Black and Brown Hair

Maroon Hair

Light Blue Hair

 Blonde Hair


  1. The hair colour might not be accurate.
  2. I do not own any of these images.
  3. Credits to http931103s.tumblr.compost152645227443a-better-day-do-not-edit , httpaminoapps.compagek-pop8775531minhyuk-monsta-x , , httpswww.pinterest.comamoamischinosdemonsta-x 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Monsta X & Monbebe Together! How did I end up being a Monbebe XD ?

~Hi everybody~

Ya know what...these days I'm stuck with specifically one kpop idol group...I'm a multi-fandom girl but these guys really make me focus on them.. don't ask me why cuz there are a ton of reasons why. lmao

One day, my sister played their music in her room when I was hanging out with her. I was like, whose song is this, oooh catchy beat, love it *really, I meant it, because usually 'brave sound' songs were the one that was really catchy to me*... I don't even know the group lol.. I even memorize a little bit of the lyrics.. *So beautiful~~ so beautiful~~* yes... it was 'Beautiful' song that attracted me until now T_T 

I started to request my sister to replay the song. She told that it was Monsta X and she even showed me their live performances. AND That's when I became a Monbebe(Monsta X official fanclub)!

I thought they were really cool~
  • The opening music/sound was fantastic for me hahaha
  • The choreography... *speechless* daebak . the fanchant too... our Monbebe jjang!
  • Minhyuk's hairstyle and facial expression was on point though
  • Shownu appa dance part was perfectly on beat *I'm a girl who is really interested in kpop dance :P *
  • And I also thought Jooheon was really the icon of Monsta X because of his hip hop feels and swag performances on stage
  • Wonho doesn't seem like an ulzzang because of his abs, I thought XD *my sister was an ulzzang fan so she told me wonho was an ulzzang back then*

*Those were my first impression and my first bias was I.M.( really... I.M.'s husky voice & wave dance on his rap part really stands out to me that time)*

So I moved on to their 'Beautiful' MV (Music Video)...

  • At that time, I thought Shownu was a little bit look alike Ji Soo (actor in Scarlet Heart & Buk Joo) *maybe because of the camera angle XD
  • Minhyuk was so good looking in there *who's that* O.O
  • Hyungwoon's acting really portrayed the 'longing for the rose(love)' feeling *he got a little look of Kim Ji Han / Jin Yi Han from certain angle in the mv?
  • Also, Kihyun looks perfect and emotional too
  • Their dancing was so synchronized and unique

*That was the start of the Monbebe spirit in me lol
Yea that was kinda how I ended up being a Monbebe. I hope other Monbebes would welcome and look after newbies like me and others. I have to stop now guys. 

Until next time!!!, bye bye~*

Credit to

Watch My first Monsta X live performance : [MONSTA X - BEAUTIFUL] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170323 EP.516

Note :-
  1. Before I started this post, I thought I would have no idea to write anything but now I have to stop my hand from typing because I have too much things in my mind right now. XD
  2. Moral : You guys have to START doing, then just go with the flow hahaha *what's this*
  3. All of these words are based on what goes in my mind at that time, I think 2 months ago when I first saw them. I still remember clearly <3 I felt a lot of regret too as I didn't get to support them on the week of their 'Beautiful' comeback. T_T  That was the best comeback ever *Ya know how they involved in the choreography and lyrics* 
  4. Currently, my bias list were wrecked by Lee Minhyuk. Yasss, that noisy and hyperactive kid as Hyorin (Sistar) said. He was super funnnnnyyy *im crying* I have watched all of their variety shows rofl

Bonus (that noisy kid)
*no, he's not this serious type of person lol*
our Minhyukie
Credit to

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

IU Unnie~

Korean Nation's Little Sister, IU is back with her full album 'Palette' !! It was about two months ago- I think.

I really wanted to write about her album this time. It was a superb piece of art! Unnie, daebakk~💕

 Her honey-like-voice were really soothing to me... Do you guys know that she actually wrote all those lyrics in the album? Yes she did. My favourite songs from this album are 'Through The Night', 'Palette', 'Dear Name' & 'Now'. 

*Hitting replay button* hehe 
Neomu Yepeo~

~ Fighting unnie! ~

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lyric Video!


It's been a long time since I posted something here. Guys!!  Today I just wanna recommend a youtube channel especially to anyone that loves to sing along with your favourite song~ *hehe it's nice and simple tho 
lalalalalalaaaa 😎
Click to check out :   Ayra Carera

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